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Via Riposte Laïque, a site I should actually link more to:

Simone is a citizen of the northern French town of Calais, infamous for having the "Jungle" right next door. Hear her testimony:

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.


Sunday, February 07, 2016


A chilling article in that leftozoid rag De Standaard.

 photo DS_kanaalplan_zpsadftucbi.jpg


In 2019, Belgian Police will draft another 1,000 officers in the fight against radicalisation and terrorism, the federal government announced in a press conference. [Of these] the plan involves three hundred extra officers for Brussels.

The so-called "Channel Plan" [named after the ABC-Channel which runs in a SW-NE angle through Brussels] is a result of the Paris terrorist attacks, which were linked to Brussels, and the heightened terror alert. Interior Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), who prefers the label "Federal Action Plan against violent extremism and terrorism", emphasizes that the Cha
nnel Plan for Brussels fits in the Federal Action Plan.


Three hundred officers are scheduled to be deployed in eight communes in Brussels, among them Molenbeek, Schaarbeek, Vilvoorde en Anderlecht. To tackle radicalization a different approach on several levels is necessary, said Jambon. And therefore good communications are necessary.

 photo kanaalplan_jambon_zpstpvw3va4.jpg

The Channel Plan is built around four chapters: Prevention, Administration, Operational and Judicial. One of the cornerstones of the plan is getting to know who exactly resides in the communes and where. Returned Syria fighters must be watched closer and the illegal economy supporting terrorism, like identity fraud and gun trade, will be taken on. Apart from that, "centers of hate preaching" must be snuffed out.

State Security gets 103 extra staff and the border controls in the airports will be reinforced. There is talk of a "Coast Plan" to avoid the emergence of refugee camps. There, too, police will be reinforced. Justice Minister Koen Geens (of the Christian Democrat party CDV) will step up efforts to reinforce Prosecution in Brussels and Halle-Vilvoorde.

Some of the measures included in the Judicial Chapter:

* Reinforcing the (follow up of the) registration mechanism of mosques and prayer houses
* Courts and Prosecution will be reinforced with 42 magistrates and 126 staffers
* Deradicalization programmes in Ittre and Hasselt will be reinforced with 36 prison guards
* State Security will be reinforced with 103 personnel
* CTIF, the joint Judicial and Police organization charged with wiretapping and communication interception will get 6.9 million EUR extra
* The budgets for the growing investigation costs like trace analysis, DNA analysis et al will be enhanced with 16 million EUR

In all, the measures approved by the government encompass 300 million EUR for a scheduled budget of 400 million EUR. One hundred million EUR is held in reserve, to be used later in the year. 72 million EUR goes to the Justice Department."

Why do I write "chilling"?

Can't you see for yourself?

What we have here are a set of measures which would be WHOLLY, TO-TAL-LY UNNECESSARY if past governments had not pursued insane policies dictated by the vile idelogy of multiculturalism. This may sound over the top, but it is not.

In March 2000, the then government Verhofstadt I passed the notorious Snel-Belg Wet (Quick Citizenship Bill), a wreck of a law on a par with other "jewels" of measures like the Euthanisia Law, Gay Marriage, and, in 2003, the official refusal to participate in the liberation of Iraq.

But the Quick Citizenship Bill would perhaps prove the most disastrous of all. It made becoming a naturalized Belgian so easy that not even proof of willingness to integrate, the minimum of which was learning one of Belgium's three official languages, was needed.

Although never officially stated so, it is clear that the Quick Citizenship Bill was in reality meant to electorally cut off the ascendance of the Vlaams Blok, Belgium's only truly conservative party. Indeed, under its Chairman Frank Van Hecke, who in 1996 had taken over the post of Party Chairman from Karel Dillen, the VB's founder, the Vlaams Blok (after 2004 called Vlaams Belang) would continue to achieve electoral successes, ultimately culminating in the party acquiring 25 per cent of the Flemish vote in the 2004 elections.

The Quick Citizenship Bill was, not surprisingly, first and foremost the brainchild of the socialists and greens, apart from the liberals the other two factions in the Verhofstadt I government (it should be noted that this was the first and thus far the only time the greens participated in a federal government).

The socialist parties, SP.a in Flanders and the Parti Socialiste in Wallonia, had at the time already strongly established muslim political players, especially in Brussels.

The green parties, Groen! in Flanders and Ecolo in Wallonia, had smaller contingents of them but were economically even more to the left vis-à-vis their socialist counterparts.

The results of the Quick Citizenship Bill were disastrous, and over about the decade following its passing in the Belgian Parliament, an estimated 600,000 foreigners residing on Belgian soil acquired Belgian nationality and were henceforth allowed to vote in either municipal, regional or national elections.

Together with other legislation aimed at facilitating family reunions, and socio-demographical phenomena like the astounding fecundity of the "New Belgians" vis-à-vis the autochton population, the QCB changed the Belgian political landscape forever.

If today, Brussels, the European Capital so to say, is a staggering 25% muslim already, it is legislation like the Quick Citizenship Bill we have to "thank" for that.

With the enhanced muslim presence in all matters and strata of society, have come the near insurmountable problems so characteristic for basically every muslim society on the planet...

... so that today, in early 2016, vain idiots like Jan Jambon now have to resort to "Channel Plans" to try to counter the appalling results of fostering and allowing large communities in the heart of the country which are basically SUPPORTING TERRORISM.

Take Molenbeek, for example.

It is 80 per cent muslim.

If Molenbeek were, say, 80 per cent Japanese, it would in all likelihood be a tremendous bonus for Brussels and Belgium.

Molenbeek would almost certaily be very low on crime, and it would very probably be a veritable cash cow for Brussels. There would be high tech companies and the streets would be very tidy. There would be no "need" to hire city personnel in futile efforts to reduce rampant youth unemployment. To the contrary, youth unemployment and general unemployment in a "Japanese" Molenbeek would almost certainly be in the single digits.

But alas, Molenbeek is not 80% Japanese.

Molenbeek is 80% muslim.

And therefore, youth unemployment is something like 50 per cent.
The streets are dirty.
The shops are shabby.
Most eateries are unhygienic.
The city administration is bloated to no end (Among the hundreds of city employees paid handily to do nothing and vote Parti Socialiste, is a certain Mohammed Abdeslam, brother of Salah and Brahim Abdeslam, who participated in the November 2015 terror attacks).
Molenbeek boasts very few high tech companies, but a tremendous number of car import and export firms.
Fiscal oversight of businesses in Molenbeek is a joke, since VAT or Taxes officials dare not look too closely at the books of the kebab shops, garages or whatever.
Police dare not enter certain neighborhoods in Molenbeek.
Molenbeek is bankrupt.
Molenbeek is the jihadi capital of Europe, and at least a sizeable part of its population knows very well about the terrorists in its midst, but will do nothing to at least finger them to the police.

And that is why anno 2016 400 million EUR for a "Federal Action Plan" is needed.

And exercise in futility if ever there was one.

Not only is Belgium's muslim population deficient, in that it requires more money to "sustain" it than it contributes to the greater Belgian society...

... but also do the activities of certain, ah, individuals among that population require massive amounts of money to prevent widespread slaughter at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, to finance it all, the gullible autochton population pays taxes...

... and taxes...

... and taxes...

... and taxes...


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The Beatles with Across the Universe. From the 1969 compilation album No one's gonna change our world. Written by John Lennon, who I regard as both one of the greatest musicians ever as well as a filthy immoral scoundrel.

Too bad I only found a halfway decent version.

Magnapop with Lay it Down. From the 1994 album Hot Boxing.

Alternative rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Singer's Linda Hopper.



Friday, February 05, 2016


At first I thought this was from The Onion, but sadly, it was not.

Finnish State TV YLE released an instructional video aimed at teaching women techniques to ward off rapists.

For some reason, the Finnish gal's body language reminds me of Yoda.

May the Farce be with you:

And notice that the would be rapist is a white male.


Of course he is.

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Over at American Thinker, Patricia McCarthy has a damn fine piece that's a must read for... well, for just about everybody.

But maybe, just maybe, with an emphasis on our young lads transiting from boy- to manhood. Say, between the ages of 12 and 20 years old. Real men are good. Live with it.

"All parents of teens or even older young men and women, parents who are struggling to pay for college and/or wondering what the future holds for their children, should run, children in tow, to see three films: In the Heart of the Sea, 13 Hours, and The Finest Hours.

For at least two generations, our young people have been sorely abused by progressive tenets – the alleged insidiousness of patriarchy, the conviction that misogyny has undermined women for centuries and still does. This is the nonsense that gave birth to militant feminism, to silly notions like "gender as a social construct." Then there is the academic, educational, and cultural mandating of tolerance and acceptance of every social/cultural/gender fad, real or imagined, that has done terrible damage to at least two generations of young men and women.

They have been, in calculated fashion, disabused of the glory and wonder of old-fashioned masculinity. Our young people, unless they are from a military family, know nothing of the type of man who is brave, selfless, protective of his family and of strangers if need be. They have been indoctrinated to believe all men are cads, that male college students are all potential rapists, that men in general are to be feared, not to be respected, let alone loved.

This is why these three new films are so necessary for all young people to see. Each is based on a true story. In the Heart of the Sea is based on the shipwreck of the Essex, a whaling ship that was destroyed in 1820 by a huge white whale. Herman Melville based his extraordinary novel Moby Dick on this real event in 1851. 13 Hours is based on the terrorist attack in 2012 on the diplomatic outpost where Ambassador Christopher Stevens was stationed in Benghazi and on the CIA facility a few miles away. Stevens and three others were killed. Four incredibly brave men saved the lives of their colleagues despite a stand-down order, abandonment by the State Department, and the denial of the awesome power of the American military that was not allowed to rescue them.

 photo 13_hours_zpseccu7xv8.jpg

The Finest Hours is the phenomenal tale of the greatest small-boat rescue in American history. Against all odds, a Coast Guard crew of four men saved the lives of 32 men after their tanker split in half in a ferocious storm off the coast of Massachusetts in 1952.

The common denominator of all three films is the wonder and talent of men; very smart men, brave men. In each story, an unlikely leader arose to lead. Each of those men was an expert on navigating the slice of the world he knew so, so well. The men who followed their lead knew a leader when they saw one. They were all as one with their chosen life's work.

The complexity of a whale ship in the early 19th century is a wonder to behold. The youngest member of the crew of the Essex was 14, an orphan and the only survivor still alive for Melville to interview many years later. The obstacles the heroes of 13 Hours overcame are nothing short of miraculous. The same is true of the rescue of the men of the Pendleton in The Finest Hours.

But while these glorious tales of heroism abound, our children are being taught outrageous things in school. Our girls are being taught to fear men. Our young men are being taught to fear women. Universities are requiring new students to answer extremely personal questions about their sexual history when most of them do not have one. Academia is intent upon driving another nail in the coffin of traditional families, a longtime progressive goal. A professor of mine once said in a women's studies class: "The nuclear family is the most destructive institution in the Western world." Wrong. It is the rock of Western civilization, the basis of all that is good in the world.

Men have taken care of women for centuries. Women have taken care of men for centuries. But it is not a zero-sum game; men and women are profoundly different. That is life as a human on this planet. For decades, though, the progressive left has been submarining the whole notion of traditional family, of men as protective of women and children and of women as homemakers. Traditional family life is like holy water sprinkled on the devil to the left. It undermines their totalitarian instinct, their drive to control how people live.

Women and girls, pay attention! Most men are good men. They want a woman to love who will love them. They want a family for whom to strive and care. College men, most of them, are not rapists. Watch these films and learn what good men are made of. Then watch Mamet's The Edge and Spielberg's Bridge of Spies. Learn what "the edge" is – character – and what a "standing man" is. Learn and remember."

Here's the trailer:

Goede nacht.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Somewhere on a Muenchen U-Bahn.

Four arabs harass a young woman.

Two pensioners defend the woman.

The arabs attack the pensioners.

"Islam is a part of Germany", eh, Angela?


Sunday, January 31, 2016


Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894) is an often overlooked French impressionist painter, although he was a crucial figure for that art movement. Besides being an important contributor himself (albeit one who painted much more realistically), he sponsored Impressionist exhibitions and supported fellow artists like Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Auguste Renoir. He went as far as buying some of their works (he bought himself his first Monet in 1875), and persuading the French State to buy Edouard Manet's Olympia, a scandal painting at the time.

 photo caillebotte_paris_street_rainy_day_1877_zpsuwvycifp.jpg

Rue de Paris, temps de pluie (1877)

The scene depicts the Place de Dublin, back then known as the Carrefour de Moscou.

 photo Caillebotte_LePontdeLEurope_zpsfmdafrej.jpg

Le Pont de L'Europe (1876).



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Talking Heads with Once in a lifetime, from the 1980 album Remain in Light. Talking Heads was a new wave band formed in NYC in 1975, and consisted of David Byrne (singer, guitar), Chris Frantz (drums) and wife Tina Weymouth (bass), and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar).

I will forever remember that album, since me being an aviation freak, it noticed it first and foremost because of the stylized red Grumman Avengers with the Himalayas in the background on the back of the cover, an image originally intended to be the front artwork. Weymouth and Frantz conceived it, and Weymouth chose Avengers because her father, Ralph Weymouth, who rose to the rank of Vice Admiral in the USN, reportedly flew the type. I was unable to upload the image - tried it three times, failed each time (I use Photobucket). Must be protected somehow.

Deep Purple with Child in Time. From the album Deep Purple in Rock (1970). We will forgive them that it is a protest song against the Vietnam War - they were young and foolish.

English rock band, originally prog rock, formed in 1968 in Hertford. Originally progressive rock, they later evolved towards heavy metal and hard rock, pioneering that field with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Slaap wel.



The Anglican Church has by now developed something like a tradition of dhimmitude. What's to make otherwise of the Bishop of London encouraging his priests to grow beards to increase their standing with muslims?

 photo Rev_chartres_fool_zps73r2tn6y.jpg

"...Clergymen should grow beards to emphasise their holiness to Muslims, the Bishop of London has suggested.

... Writing in the Church Times, Rev. Chartres, who himself sports a 'modest' beard, said: 'The discovery that two of the most energetic priests in east London had recently grown beards of an opulence that would not have disgraced a Victorian sage prompted me to look again at the barbate debate throughout Church history.

'The two priests work in parishes in Tower Hamlets. Most of the residents are Bangladeshi-Sylheti, for whom the wearing of a beard is one of the marks of a holy man.'
He said the desire of the clergy of Tower Hamlets to 'reach out to the culture of the majority of their parishioners can only be applauded'.

... One of the priests praised by the Bishop of London, the Rev. Atkinson told The Telegraph he found having a beard had helped provide a connection with many people in his parish, around 85 per cent of whom are Muslim...."

I wrote "something like a tradition of dhimmitude" because you may recall that the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, in 2004 chose to commemmorate 9/11 by giving a lecture in al-Azhar University in Cairo to blather about the "common ground" between Christians and muslims. In 2008 he expressed his belief that the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable". And just before retiring in 2012 he also opened that wearing the veil "could help muslim women assert themselves".

The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is not much better. BareNaked Islam in 2014 sported an article in which Welby "warned against developing a “culture of fear” towards Muslims in Britain and said the proportion of Muslims in Britain who are radicalized remained “extraordinarily small.”

 photo justin_welby_dhimmi_zpshbisyudj.jpg

There are many other examples. We know all about the (grand) majority of our political "leaders" being spineless cowards and bastards when it comes to standing up for western civilization.

But what is just as frightening is the phenomenon that our religious leaders too, by and large, show an extraordinary lack of zeal for standing up for their part of the job.

And the most obvious example is, naturally, the pope himself. A deluded social justice warrior who last year allowed an outfit called "Racing Extinction" to project images of endangered species on Saint Peter's Basilica in order to lament the Earth's "dwindling biodiversity"...

 photo vatican_lit_up_zpslcjziaf8.jpg

... but who COULD NOT EVEN BE BOTHERED to raise but a finger, much less issue a strong-worded message, when the ruins of Iraq's oldest Christian monastery, that of Saint Elijah on a hill near Mosul, were pulverized by IS around the same time as his lightshow was going on. The photos below are a rather poignant symbol of the Middle East's "dwindling religious diversity".

 photo saint_elijah_zpsgqug1qav.jpg

That monastery, locally called Deir Mar Elia, was in all likelihood constructed by Assyrian monks in the late 6th Century - in fact more or less around the time the gruesome death cult known as islam saw the light. Later, a Chaldean Catholic order moved in.

In 1743, the Persian leader, Tahmaz Nadir Shah, ruined the monastery and offered its 150 monks the choice between conversion to islam or death.

The 150 monks refused to convert, choosing death instead.

Tahmaz Nadir Shah had them massacred.

We need Christian leaders like Saint Elijah's 150 butchered monks...



Sunday, January 24, 2016


The following video is remarkable because for the first time since the "refugee" invasion an apparently well-organized body of serving and retired Austrian Army officers speaks out about the grave dangers threatening Austria and, by extension, Europe.

Wehrhaftes Oesterreich is their name - which can be loosely translated as Fortified Austria. Hat tip for the video our irreplaceable friends at Gates of Vienna, and thanks to Nash Montana for translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling:

It is about time that we see the emergence of just such a group. It should be clearly understood that in normal, peaceful circumstances, I regard the military as just another state body subjected to the control and scrutiny of the executive and legislative powers. Again in normal circumstances, calls for a strenghtening of the military by the military should be channeled to the state and the people by the responsible Defence Minister only.

These are, however, no normal circumstances.

Europe, and by extension the entire West, is being threatened on two fronts.

First there is the threat from within. The continent is being irresistibly steered towards an demographical, economical and cultural suicide by an immoral, reckless and ignorant political class of which virtually all strains, from left over center to what passes for the right, have drunk the Kool-Aid of the insane multiculti ideology for far too long. Far too many of the leftist dogmas have, over the past half-century, and enthusiastically forwarded by the media and the education establishment, found their way into the collective heads of the body politic - and the citizenry. This has had the effect of:

* a loss of belief in who and what we are,
* a denunciation of the political, cultural, economical and technological marvels Europe has given the world
* a rejection of Christianity, which, far from being an impediment in Europe's past, has actually been an essential factor in Europe's path to global leadership
* a willful ignorance of the enormous sacrifices by generations past better than us
* a loss of morals and morale
* a sapping of the strength to offer resistance to the decay, even to the point of taking away people's will to procreate

Second, there is a huge threat from outside, as evidenced by the invasion of muslim hordes on a scale unseen in history; the impending invasion of disgruntled Africans fleeing a continent of which the failures are as much due to their own incapacity to get things right as to the eager implementation of failed leftist theories; and the flaring up of old East-West tensions.

In the face of such threats, if the political elites are unwilling or incapable to take the necessary steps to PROTECT Europe and its native citizens... the military MUST step in.

I therefore hope the emergence of the Wehrhaftes Oesterreich group heralds the appearance of many more such groups across Europe:

 photo WehrhaftesOesterreich_zpsaxh9s2l6.jpg

May this be a start.


Saturday, January 23, 2016


Dire Straits with Tunnel of Love.

From the 1980 album Making Movies.

Eric Clapton with I can't stand it.

To the best of my knowledge the sole single drawn from his album Another Ticket (1981).

Buenas noches.



The Daily Mail's Harrier Sargeant reviews "This is London. Life and Death in the World City", a sobering book by Ben Judah, a young author and reporter.

 photo DailyMail_london_foreign_city_2016_zps4fwjguxn.jpg

"An Afghan and I once broke into a small house in Peckham. I had met him while researching a report on immigration for the Daily Mail.

We were on a rescue mission. Inside the two-up, two-down property in South East London, every room was packed with beds, mattresses and migrants.

On the landing, grey and scarcely breathing, lay the man we had come to rescue from this awful place.

The other migrants who were there started to shout at us. Apparently, the sick man owed them and their trafficking gang money. We had to hustle him out fast.

I emerged shaken. I had glimpsed a London I did not know existed — one of Third World poverty, exploitation and criminality.

It is writer Ben Judah’s great achievement to reveal that hidden city in his new book, This Is London: Life And Death In The World City.

A young war correspondent, Judah examines his home city as the foreign metropolis it has now become.

Since 2001, immigration has transformed the capital. More than half of Londoners are now not ethnically British.

As he says: ‘I was born in London, but I no longer recognise this city. I don’t know if I love the new London, or if it frightens me: a city where at least 55 per cent of people are not white British, nearly 40 per cent were born abroad and hundreds of thousands are living illegally, in the shadows.’

Who are these new Londoners? In order to find out, Judah immerses himself in the migrant world.

He spends a night with the Roma beggars who camp in the tunnels beneath Hyde Park. He stays in a doss-house in Barking, East London. He cajoles an astonishing array of migrants from across London to describe their lives.

Whether a mini cab driver who also washes dead bodies, a Romanian prostitute in a blonde wig, or a wealthy young African with bodyguards hired from his own tribe, they open up to Judah.

The quantity and authenticity of his interviews build up an irrefutable argument. Here, as opposed to what the Left is always telling us, are the real effects of immigration.

Immigration, Judah makes clear, has touched every aspect of life in London and utterly transformed it.

The English upper classes no longer inhabit the splendid townhouses in Mayfair. Suburbs such as Edmonton in the north of the city are no longer home to the aspirational, largely unionised, English working-class.

As for white, East End gangsters such as the Kray Twins, you will only find those in movies.

The same goes for the prostitutes who used to inhabit Soho. Even tramps, for goodness sake, are rarely English any more. Such is the level of liberal propaganda that we have largely remained blind to this startling transformation of our city.

Judah systematically maps these changes — the result of Labour relaxing immigration into the UK.

Left-wingers and the business establishment pat themselves on the back for creating an open city that welcomes the world. In fact, we have lost control of our borders and have no say who comes here.

This week, it emerged that Brussels is attempting to blackmail Britain by saying that if we don’t take as many as 90,000 migrants a year, we will not be able to send failed asylum seekers back to safe countries on the Continent.

Then came the story that a tribunal had ruled that a group of migrants in the Jungle camp in Calais had a ‘human right’ to join family members in Britain. It is a precedent that could have far-reaching implications.

Aside from legal rulings, the truth is that much of our immigration policy is now dictated by criminal trafficking gangs who make a fortune smuggling people into Britain — not our elected leaders and certainly not voters and taxpayers.

It is criminal gangs who decide who comes into the UK and in what numbers. They largely decide what happens to the migrants once they arrive.

In handing our immigration system over to them, we have allowed conditions of unimaginable squalor, misery and criminality reminiscent of Victorian times to take hold.

So how has it happened? Well, get rid of any notion that we are doing the world’s poorest many favours.

Judah quickly discovers that multiculturalism for many migrants is a euphemism for slave labour.

It starts when would-be immigrants listen to the sales pitch of the agents for the people-traffickers. They promise that London is ‘a second paradise’ where ‘every man is rich’.

On offer is free NHS treatment, free housing, free schooling and countless welfare benefits. It is a place of opportunity, security and, above all, available women.

This was a definite pull for one young Afghan working in a butcher’s in Neasden, North West London.

As he put it, in his village, if you slept with more than one person in your life, ‘they shot you in the back’. In Britain, however, sexual opportunities were immense...."

As the saying goes... read it all.

It would be nothing more than pure justice if, as a reward for their part in deliberately destroying the most advanced and humane society Mankind has ever spawned, the "rub their noses in diversity" crowd would one day pay their fair share. I sincerely hope to see them bleed.




Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Watch this sobering video of a continent gone insane:

Also, don't miss Mark Steyn's "It's still the demography, stupid".

"Last year, Angela Merkel decided to attempt it. The German Chancellor cut to the chase and imported in twelve months 1.1 million Muslim "refugees". That doesn't sound an awful lot out of 80 million Germans, but, in fact, the 1.1 million Muslim are overwhelmingly (80 per cent plus) fit, virile, young men. Germany has fewer than ten million people in the same population cohort, among whom Muslims are already over-represented: the median age of Germans as a whole is 46, the median age of German Muslims is 34. But let's keep the numbers simple, and assume that of those ten million young Germans half of them are ethnic German males. Frau Merkel is still planning to bring in another million "refugees" this year. So by the end of 2016 she will have imported a population equivalent to 40 per cent of Germany's existing young male cohort. The future is here now: It's not about "predictions".

On standard patterns of "family reunification", these two million "refugees" will eventually bring another four or five persons each from their native lands - or another eight-to-ten million. In the meantime, they have the needs of all young lads, and no one around to gratify them except the local womenfolk. Hence, New Year's Eve in Cologne, and across the southern border the Vienna police chief warning women not to go out unaccompanied, and across the northern border:

Danish nightclubs demand guests have to speak Danish, English or German to be allowed in after 'foreign men in groups' attack female revellers

But don't worry, it won't be a problem for long: On the German and Swedish "migrant" numbers, there won't be a lot of "female revelry" in Europe's future. The formerly firebreathing feminists at The Guardian and the BBC are already falling as mute as battered wives - saying nothing, looking away, making excuses, clutching at rationalizations... "

At some point civil war will break out.

Collaborating politicians of all stripes, but especially the leftist and green ones, must know...

... that a heavy price will have to be paid.


Sunday, January 17, 2016


Again, via our friends over at Gates of Vienna, an interesting video shot in Milan. Following New Year’s Eve's groping jihad in Cologne, Italian TV program La Gabbia (“The Cage”) programmed an emission titled: “Muslims: Women Without the Veil Are Not to Be Respected”. La Gabbia's producers sent a reporter dressed in jeans and high heels to several mosques to engage Muslim men and ask them how they think women should dress.

Par0 did the translation, Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

How sad that only now some people are finally beginning to understand the ramifications of unchecked muslim immigration. Why is this woman dumbfounded when Lega Nord, Vlaams Belang, Front National, Sverigdemokraterna, Dansk Folkeparti, the PVV et al have for decades been shouting at the top of their lungs about the clear and present danger muslims constitute for our continent?

Even when we are bombarded day in day out with a myriad of signs that the troubles caused by muslims are going crescendo, leftist rag De Standaard finds it necessary to give a forum to an ardent islamic supremacist journalist, a "Dutch" woman no less, Hassnae Bouazza:

 photo hassnae_bouazza_zpskclfcwqb.jpg


"So the molestations in Cologne have everything to do with islam? And what about sexual violence in Dutch families or on Muenchen's Oktoberfest, reacts Dutch journalist Hassnae Bouazza. "The evil in muslims must be named, but not the racism of the autochtons, because then you demonize Henk and Ingrid".

I don't have the heart nor the time to translate the rest of the piece. Suffice to say it's one long diatribe with the age old characteristically muslim message of victimization. Just the title and two sentences of her story contain already the following obvious misnomers:

a.) With a "blonde hate preacher" she's clearly fingering Geert Wilders. Amazing actually, since the man has been living for about twelve years now surrounded by body guards. Imagine that. Guy almost can't pee without someone looking over his shoulder. Wilders has paid a GIGANTIC price for defending European Civilization: his personal freedom. And here is Hassnae Bouazza calling him a hate preachers, when the real hate preachers can, undisturbed and without fear for physical harm, deliver their messages in The Netherland's countless mosques.

b.) "Sexual violence in Dutch families": another howler. While it is of course true that in a very small minority of authochton families domestic/sexual violence is rampant, women's shelters main "clients" are... muslim women. As for the rights of muslim women between the sheets, well, I can't imagine there's many of them able to deny their husbands sex saying "not today honey I have a headache".

c.) Sexual violence on the Muenchener Oktoberfest: haven't heard about it yet. Any of the readers have info on that, drop me a line.

d.) If there's anything that has been named ad nauseam over the past decades, it IS the "racism" of the autochtons.

At De Standaard, they may finally see the light when the lights go out.