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First Stanley Myers' Cavatina, a 1970 classical guitar piece. It was used by director Michael Cimino as the theme for his 1978 movie The deer hunter.

I did see The deer hunter, and although I acknowledge its value and cult status, I found it an atrocious movie to watch till the end. A bit like 2001, A Space Odyssey. It's there, it's there to stay, you might watch several scenes again, and again, but watching the entire movie a second time in its entirety is out of the question. Cimino's studio bosses will have been grateful, what with The deer hunter costing 15 million dollar and grossing 49 million or so, but IIRC another flick of him, Heaven's Gate, which I never saw, was such a disaster it caused the studio to go bankrupt.

The Cure with Play for Today.

Album Seventeen Seconds. 1980.

Goede nacht.



In an mind-boggling display of both apparent insanity and contempt for the feelings of the many Britons among those killed in the Sousse massacre, PM Cameron went on air defending the islamic "faith":

 photo cameron_insane_zpsav09okph.jpg

He also said that the West must stop "the poisoning of young minds" by Islamic State and other extremists. You utter incurable FOOL. It's YOUR mind that's poisoned!

For details on the massacre, check out Mail Online:

 photo sousse_massacre_zpsydn4tkzx.jpg

For the relatives of those killed, take comfort in the knowledge that islam is a religion of peace. Your Prime Minister insists on it!


Thursday, June 25, 2015


I'm completely f*cked up - company chores are ruining me, but this post's got to be written. To force myself to work it out this night, I'll already publish the raw material.

In Europe, the mechanisms behind the swelling migratory waves can be broken down as follows:

a.) Post-colonialism almost all African countries adopted some form of Afrosocialism. Enthusiastic ideological support by Europe's leftist politicians and "intellectuals", eagerly grasping the opportunity to export the system of which full application in Europe was not realized due to democratic processes, was soon backed up with financial and material support, euphemistically called 'Development Aid'. Sixty years on it can be concluded that African socialism has catastrophically failed. It is true that other factors, often interconnected, have played a (significant) role too: tribalism, endemic corruption, the failure of almost all African politicians to abide by democratic rules, a crippling lack of labor ethic etc. But the basic socialist principles of a centrally guided economy, heavy taxation, protectionism and overregulation, practically ensured the permanent paralysis of African development.

Anno 2015 this translates in massive waves desperately wanting to leave the African inferno. Needless to say, the propaganda war of the left, aimed at making autochton Europeans feel guilty about the developing humanitarian catastrophe by attributing it to colonialism, "unfair" trade, and yes, "racism", does not miss its effect among the cohorts of welfare-seekers in their rickety boats. As a result, rather than contemplating whether their misfortune might not be their own fault, they eagerly accept the left's false narrative, since cloaking oneself in the mantel of a victim is so much easier than self-criticism.

b.) Islam has abundantly proven to be a catastrophic societal model. It is inherently incapable of offering its adherents, nor those who have the misfortune to live as non-muslims under muslim rule, a just society where one has a good shot at fulfilling his dreams and developing his capacities, knowing that there is at least a modicum of certainty with regards to personal safety or the continued possession of own goods. Islam ultimately keeps societies in check on the macroscopic level, while on the individual level it renders its followers into semi-brainless automatons not only incapable of critical thought but also of original, creative thinking. The only way to keep the resulting cauldron of oppressed anger under control is by harsh authoritarian rule. When the political body exercising that rule is challenged by a party matching its strength, even partly, the whole thing goes kaboom - with refugees as one of the results. Of course, even without war there has always been a considerable migration of muslims towards developed countries. But the millions now poised at Europes gates are yet another matter.

Unfortunately, neither those who came before, nor the ones now trying to escape the complete hell that the Middle East is rapidly becoming, are capable of understanding that basic paramount truth: that their very faith and their very islamic lifestyle are exactly what led to their misery, squalor and backwardness in their home countries.

And so millions of depraved Third Worlders, being themselves first and foremost responsible for their abject situation, stand now poised before the walls of "Fortress Europe". But it is a fortress of which the defenses don't mean much, the gates stand wide open, and the guards on top of the walls look the other way. Courtesy, alas, of the left again.

At the surface, it seems as if Europe is capable of absorbing the steady influx of masses of people with incompatible cultures, without either a decent labor ethic, respect for the laws of the land, or intellectual/technical skills. But the sign is on the wall, and the system is cracking. Two stories from Belgium, one from its capital Brussels and one from the northern port city of Antwerp.

The lunatics at De Standaard try to put a positive spin on it in the case of Brussels, and pretend not to know what the reason in the case of Antwerp. Here are two headers from today's articles:

A.) BRUSSELS: "POP. CAPITAL KEEPS GROWING AND GETTING YOUNGER. Three quarters of babies in Brussels have foreign mothers.

 photo Disaster_Brussels_zpslilfqlcb.jpg

"A quarter of young people in Brussels is born in a family where no one has an income resulting from a job. That situation leads to health risks.

African mothers of sub-Saharan origin have caesareans performed twice or even thrice as much as autochton Belgian mothers. The population of Brussels Capital Region keeps growing and getting younger, far more than is the case in Flanders, and becomes also more international. Half of the newborn children in the capital has a non-Belgian mother. Most often it is a woman of Moroccan origin (11.1 per cent), followed by French nationals (4.2 per cent), then Romanian (3.4 per cent) and Polish (3.2 per cent) nationals...."


 photo Disaster_Antwerp_zps6tlilngk.jpg

"One child in seven or 14.3 per cent of all children born in 2014 in the province of Antwerp saw the light in an underprivileged family, according to Kind en Gezin's yearly report [Child and Family, Flander's best known government agency for children]. In Flanders as a whole the number is 11.4 per cent, or a doubling of the percentage in 2001 (6 per cent). "These numbers prove that we must continue to support families as much as possible" says spokeswoman Leen Du Bois."

Er, no. These numbers prove that by opening Belgium's sluice gates to a million of welfare-seekers, a deliberate manoeuver to block the progress made by Vlaams Belang and dating from the beginning of the century, is having horrible consequences. "Continue to support" these families at the expense of the rapidly diminishing autochtons and their feeble offspring (around 1.37 children per couple in Flanders) will put ever more stress on our social security system until it cracks.

"Whether a child lives in an underprivileged family, is determined by checking the family's monthly income, the educational level of the parents, the children's stimulation level, the parent's labor situation, the living situation and health."

I object to the use of "underprivileged". The term implies that there is a deliberate mechanism that ensures that, say, my kids, are 'privileged' vis-à-vis the children in far too many immigrant families. Belgium is a rich country, even in absolute terms. That wealth is not the result of exploiting others. The effects of Belgium procuring cheaply precious minerals and natural resources in the Congo have long played out. Belgium owes its prosperity to a rather sturdy labor ethic among (as yet) a majority of the working population, and then especially in Flanders (good for over 80 per cent of Belgium's export) and to famously unpretentious entrepreneurs (you know about Belgian chocolate and beer, but did you know about shipping company Exmar, the dredging giant Jan De Nul, or that Besix built the world's tallest tower?). We autochton Belgians work HARD. Far too many of those entering DON'T WANT TO WORK. A truth that is as stark as it is simple.

"In Antwerp the percentage of children born in an underprivileged family is the biggest, followed by Limburg (11.8 per cent), Oost-Vlaanderen (11.6 per cent), West-Vlaanderen (10.3 per cent) and Vlaams Brabant (6.5 per cent). Underprivileged families are a thing of the cities: 53 per cent of the children concerned live in the thirteen central cities. Apart from that, the mother's nationality plays a role: 64 per cent of underprivileged children have a non-Belgian mother. In Antwerp that's even 74.5 per cent."

Again, whose fault is this? ALL traditional parties bear a very heavy responsibility for orchestrating a incredibly lax immigration policy, for pushing the Quick Citizenship Bill through parliament in an undemocratic effort to neutralize the Vlaams Belang, and for deliberately witholding information that proved the correlation of rampant illegal and "legal" immigration and rising crime rates. For DECADES, the VB has warned against the dire consequences of the open door policy, and with every passing day it is becoming clearer that they had been right from the get-go.

"The percentage of children born underprivilegd, is bigger every year, except in West-Vlaanderen (10.3 per cent). We especially see the impact on the rising number of the huge number of births with mothers of non-Belgian origin, says Leen Du Bois."

That 'conclusion' is actually priceless. So madam Du Bois notices that, like, you import hundreds of thousands of sub saharan Africans and 7th century muslims with no noticeable skills whatsoever that might be useful in Belgium's increasingly high-tech labor market and lukewarm (at best) willingness to learn either Flemish or French. So the parents don't find work, not because of racist motives (Thai are doing fine e.g.), but because THEY-SIMPLY-DON'T-HAVE-THE-QUALIFICATIONS. Next thing you know, they stay dirt poor. AND they produce thrice as many kids as native Belgians. Hey, these children grow up in underprivileged families???? HOW COME?????

"We've been working for years at better support for the families", reacts Flemish Minister for the family Jo Vandeurzen. "To that end, we realize the Houses of the Child where every underprivileged family can knock at the door for family support. The Houses of the Child are at the same time an important factor in stimulating learning the language among young foreign children as well as an incentive in kindergarten participation and involvement of the parents in the education".

In other words, your standard PC crap from fellas who should know better PLUS the umpteenth government agency for which the state will have to hire staffers. Simultaneously realizing the left's wet dream of installing the State as the main educator. In Flemish we have a saying: dweilen met de kraan open. Meaning trying to mop up the floor with the faucets still spilling water.

Notice, also, that De Standaard helpfully illustrates the article with a photograph of a white "underprivileged" individual - even though the numbers clearly illustrate that the problem is overwhelmingly a matter for legal and illegal immigrants alike.

Belgium is going to the dogs, and those responsible for the disastrous development, which is picking up steam as we speak, are still in charge and will be for some time yet.


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A chilling summary of the horrifying persecution of Christians raging worldwide, by Raymond Ibrahim over at The Gatestone Institute:

"He could hear from inside his room where he was hiding the gunmen opening doors and inquiring if the people inside were Muslims or Christians.

"The motorbike riders got down from their bike and started beating [Christian journalist] Shamim Masih and... warned him that if he did not stop reporting on Christian issues, they knew his family and home and would teach him and his family a lesson." — Nazir S. Batti, Pakistan Christian Congress Party.

"The city of Mosul alone had 45 churches. Now there is not a single one. The buildings have been destroyed. Four hundred churches have been destroyed in Syria. ... The same is happening in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Northern Africa." — Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

"What happened to Christians in Iraq and Syria... does not receive Arabic media coverage that befits human beings, whatever their religion." — Hani Naqshabandi, Saudi writer.

Islamic State Slaughters Christian Ethiopians

Just two months after the Islamic State [IS] published a video depicting its members slaughtering 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, on Sunday, April 19, the jihadi Islamic group released another video of more Christians in Libya -- approximately 30 Ethiopians -- disparagingly referred to by an IS spokesman as "worshippers of the cross" -- being butchered for not paying jizya, extortion money demanded of the "People of the Book" who refuse to convert to Islam, according to Koran 9:29.

Some of the Christians were shot execution-style in the back of their heads, the others had their heads carved off, like the Copts before them.

The IS spokesman further addressed "Christians everywhere":

We say to Christians everywhere, the Islamic State will expand, with Allah's permission. And it will reach you even if you are in fortified strongholds. So whoever enters Islam will have security, and whoever accepts the Dhimmah contract [subjugated, third-class treatment and social status] will have security. But whoever refuses will see nothing from us but the edge of a spear. The men will be killed and the children will be enslaved, and their wealth will be taken as booty. This is the judgment of Allah and His Messenger.

In a statement, the Coptic Christian Church of Egypt pointed out that the Ethiopian martyrs, like the 21 Copts before them, were "murdered purely for refusing to renounce their faith."

Al Shabaab Murders 147, Separates Muslims from Christians

On April 2 in Kenya, gunmen from the Somali Islamic group, Al Shabaab -- "the [Islamic] youth" -- stormed Garissa University, singled out Christian students, and murdered them, beheading some. A total of 147 people were killed in the attack -- making this jihad more "spectacular" than the 2013 Al Shabaab attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, which left 67 people dead (then too, Islamic gunmen singled out Christians for slaughter).

Islamic gunmen were careful to separate Christians from Muslims before beginning the carnage, eyewitnesses said. (While Kenya is 83% Christian, it still has an 11% Muslim minority.) Collins Wetangula, vice chairman of the student union, said he could hear, from inside his room where he was hiding, the gunmen opening doors and inquiring if the people inside were Muslims or Christians. "If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die."

Al Shabaab has a long history of singling out Christians from among Muslims for slaughter (here are four examples). Other jihadi groups, including Boko Haram and the Islamic State, also make it a point to select out Christians before slaughtering them -- a fact often omitted by the "mainstream media."

 photo Persecution-of-Christians_zpszw2enxxh.jpeg

Egyptian Churches under Attack

On April 5, as Coptic Christians were celebrating Palm Sunday, a church was attacked in Alexandria, Egypt. Gunmen in a vehicle opened fire on the church during the night, injuring a police officer and two civilians.

On April 12, Easter Sunday according to the Orthodox calendar, two explosions targeting churches took place in the Zagazig area. One car explosion took place near a Coptic Orthodox church and another bomb exploded near the Evangelical Church in the same area. Although no casualties were reported, large numbers could have easily resulted, based on precedent. For example, on January 1, 2011, as Egypt's Christians ushered in the New Year, car bombs went off near the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, resulting in 23 dead worshippers and dozens critically injured.

Muslims rioted because President Sisi had agreed that Copts could build a church in Al-Our, where 13 of the 21 Christians beheaded by the Islamic State had grown up, and where their families still live. Local Muslims arose in violence soon after Islamic prayers on Friday, April 3. They shouted that they would never allow a church to be built, that "Egypt is Islamic!" By nightfall, Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown at another Coptic church, cars were set ablaze -- including one belonging to a relative of a man decapitated by the Islamic State -- and several people were injured.[1]

A day later, on April 4, Muslims rioted and attacked the Christians of the village of Gala', Samalout district. After waiting for years to repair their dilapidated church (see pictures), local Copts finally received all the proper permits to begin restoration. Soon Coptic homes, businesses and persons were attacked with hurled rocks. Christian-owned farms were destroyed and their crops uprooted. Islamic slogans were constantly shouted, including "There is no god but Allah" and "Islamic! Islamic!"

After waiting for 44 years, the Christians of Nag Shenouda, in the city of Sohag, finally received the necessary permit to build a new church. Muslims rioted and burned down the tent the Christians had erected to worship under. The Christians of Nag Shenouda were forced to celebrate Easter in the street (picture here). When one of them tried to hold a worship service in his home, a Muslim mob attacked him and his household.

More Christian churches attacked

Syria: The Islamic State destroyed at least three churches under its control:

On Easter Sunday, the Islamic State destroyed the Virgin Mary Church -- an Assyrian church built and consecrated in 1934 -- in Tel Nasri, northeast Syria. Tel Nasri, loosely translated as "Christian Hill," is one of the dozens of Assyrian Christian villages along the Khabur river; all were attacked and occupied by the Islamic State in late February (more here and here).

On April 28, the St. Odisho Assyrian Church in Tel Tal, and the St. Rita Tilel Armenian Church in Aleppo, were also destroyed.

Nigeria: A Muslim mob set fire to a church in a Christian village in Nigeria's northern Kano State on April 1. Muslims were searching for a young man in order to kill him; he had renounced Islam and re-converted to Christianity. The mob with machetes also attacked Christian villagers, torched the home of a pastor, and killed one of his daughters. According to a local official, General Dikko:

The church and all the properties were burnt down in the presence of the Christian community despite all pleadings for them to stop the destruction. The arsonists gathered cornstalks and put them inside the church in order to cause greater damage.... We have the right to belong to any religion of our choice and live anywhere in this country. We call on the authorities at all levels to rise up to their responsibilities of protecting lives and properties of every citizen in this country.

Pakistan: Two assailants on motorbikes opened fire on the main gates of a church and Christian school in Lahore; in the crossfire, two passersby were injured.

Malaysia: On Sunday, April 19, a Muslim mob of approximately 50 people rioted and protested against a small Protestant church in the capital of Kuala Lumpur The object of their wrath was the cross atop the building of worship. Members of the mob said that the cross, the central symbol of Christianity, represented "a challenge to Islam" and could "influence the faith of young people." The cross was removed.

More Muslim Slaughter of Christians

High Seas: On April 16, during a recent crossing from Libya, Muslim migrants threw as many as 53 Christians overboard, according to police in Sicily. The reported motive was that the victims "professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim." Another report said that the reason the Christians were thrown overboard is because a boy was seen praying to the Judeo-Christian God. Muslims commanded him to stop, saying "Here, we only pray to Allah." Eventually the Muslims, in the words of a witness, "went mad," and started screaming, "Allahu Akbar!;" then began hurling Christians into the sea.[2]

Nigeria: "All 276 Christian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014 may have been among a group of women slaughtered by Boko Haram last month [March], Nigerian media reported Monday, April 6,"[3] according to a "U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights."

Syria: Islamic rebels fired rockets at a Christian neighborhood in Aleppo on the night of April 10-11. The attack left massive destruction in the eastern section of the predominantly Assyrian and Armenian Sulaymaniyah district. At least 40 people, mostly Assyrians -- including women and children -- were killed. An Assyrian Catholic Cathedral was also shelled, injuring three civilians. "Our Easter feast has turned to grief," a nun in Aleppo said: "Some people woke up to find themselves without a home and others did not see the life died under the rubble because they were victims of violence."

Egypt: A Muslim man repeatedly stabbed a Christian woman with a knife, then threw her body into a canal. The Coptic woman, Gamila Basilious, 48-years-old and married, lived in Minya. According to police reports, the man, Mahmoud Hassan Abdulhamid, came to her door inquiring about her husband. When he discovered her husband was not present, he took advantage of the situation by attacking her with a knife, repeatedly stabbing her neck and chest. As "infidels," Coptic Christians are regularly attacked in Egypt. The attacks include kidnapping, church attacks, and random slaughter.

Islamic Attacks on Christian Freedom: Apostasy, Blasphemy, Proselytization

Uganda: Five Muslim men gang-raped and beat a Christian pastor's 17-year-old daughter. The attacks were reportedly done in "retaliation" for the pastor's refusal to stop Christian worship services in a Muslim-majority region. The girl was approaching the New Hope Church building where her father serves as pastor when she was abducted and taken to nearby bushes by the rapists. In her words:

The five Muslims took hold of me, and they raped me there. I tried to scream, but they threatened to kill me. One of them said, "Your father should stop this prayer meeting of trying to change Muslims to become Christians and close the church building — we have warned him several times.

The suspects fled when church members arrived for an all-night prayer vigil. They rushed her to a local clinic, where she was treated for serious injuries and mental trauma. According to her father, "The girl still has problems communicating. She just says a few words and then keeps quiet. She needs trauma counseling." Earlier, the father had received messages threatening him and demanding he cease holding Christian worship services. One text message said, "Be you informed that we do not want your church in this area. If you continue worship here, then you will live to regret it."

Bangladesh: A Muslim mob attacked a former Muslim and his wife for converting to Christianity. The couple was attacked while coming home after being baptized. The man was slapped across the face by a Muslim imam in front of the convert's two young children. The Islamic mob further broke the fence of the new Christians' family home and said they would chase the "apostates" out of the village for leaving Islam. The man who baptized the couple was also attacked, beaten by the mob at his home, and later lost his job.

Egypt: Gad Yunan, a Coptic Christian teacher, and five of his Coptic students were arrested on the charge of "contempt of religions." Their "crime" was to have made a 30-second video on Yunan's iPhone, poking fun at the Islamic State -- which Egypt's Muslims and authorities apparently equate with making fun of Islam, even as Muslims in the West insist that IS has "nothing to do with Islam." Yunan was "banished" from his village of al-Nasriya in an effort to appease local Muslims; they had reacted to the video with violence, including pelting the homes and businesses of Christians with stones. According to Khamis, Yunan's brother: "I don't see any insulting of Islam in the video. They were joking and making fun of Daesh (the Arabic acronym for IS), not Islam. My brother didn't intend to insult the Islamic religion." [4]

Ethiopia: Gemechu Jorgo and Sheikh Amin -- two men who were distributing Bibles in Ethiopia's Melka Belo region -- were arrested. Islamic law bans the advertisement and dissemination of any religion other than Islam. While imprisoned, both men endured harassment and physical abuse by authorities. At one point, Jorgo reminded District Administrator Jamal Adam of his constitutional right to practice his Christian faith freely. In response, the Muslim administrator used Jorgo's Bible to slap him in the face three times. Amin, formerly a Muslim sheikh and prayer leader of a mosque, is a recent convert to Christianity. While in prison, officials persistently pressured the apostate to renounce Christ and return to Islam. He refused. Both men were eventually released. Ethiopia is a Christian-majority nation, although Muslims make up about one-third of the population.

Uzbekistan: Reports appearing in April told of the harassing, jailing and fining of several Christians for exercising their right to freedom of religion or belief. One of the prisoners of conscience -- Council of Churches Baptist Doniyor Akhmedov -- was fined more than three years' official minimum wage after his release from 15 days in jail. Other prisoners of conscience to be jailed for short periods include a Protestant in Bukhara, who received seven days' imprisonment for "illegal" religious activity, and another Protestant, who received 10 days' jail time for "teaching religion illegally." Their identities remain anonymous for fear that they might suffer further reprisals. Nine more Protestants were fined for "illegally storing" Christian literature and materials. Their homes were raided by police, who confiscated Christian books, CDs and DVDs. "Religious minorities face tight scrutiny in Uzbekistan as they are unable to openly practice their beliefs without facing major penalties such as jail terms or heavy fines," Forum 18 News reported.

Dhimmitude: Generic Violence and Hostility against Christians

France: On April 15, 215 Christian gravestones and crosses in the cemetery of Saint-Roch de Castres (Tarn) were damaged and desecrated (pictures here). The man responsible was later arrested. According to the prosecutor, Charlotte Beluet: "The suspect, arrested at 12:45 on Thursday, matches the description given by a witness, a cemetery employee, who came across the man dressed in a white djellaba [Arab/Muslim garb], and followed him... The man repeats Muslim prayers over and over, he drools and cannot be communicated with: his condition has been declared incompatible with preliminary detention." He was hospitalized on the assumption that he is "mentally unbalanced."

Iraq: The Islamic State published pictures of its members destroying Christian tombstones and crosses in cemeteries under its control, including Mosul's oldest Christian cemetery near the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral. IS quoted Islamic scriptures justifying its actions. Several jihadi websites posted these pictures. Some include Islamic State members using sledgehammers to destroy gravestones and efface the crosses carved on them."

 photo christian-man-crucified-in-yemen_zpsdrjubmd0.jpg

A Christian man in Yemen who was crucified for his faith. Are we really living in 2015???

Meanwhile, our political leaders put their fingers in their ears singing nya-nya-nya-can't hear you, the United Nations is (far) more concerned about "islamophobia", and Pope Francis has got no time to be worried about his flock since writing an environmental encyclical is a more pressing issue.

Planet Earth has gone bonkers.


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Bob Dylan with Sara. From the 1976 album Desire.

Sara - Bob Dylan from Ismael Alexander Aguilar Garrido on Vimeo.

Kind of a tribute to his wife - even though they were in the process of divorcing. He laid all his heart in it. Must have been quite painful.

Fast forward twenty years. Eels with Your lucky day in hell. From their debut album Beautiful Freak.

US alternative rock band, formed in Los Feliz, CA in 1995. Frontman Mark Oliver Everett aka "E" is the band's only constant member.



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Exhibit 1

Belgian "quality" daily De Standaard gleefully reminds us that as of June 2015, more than half of butchers in Brussels Capital Region are halal.

 photo brussels_butchers_halal_zpshbfdmufq.jpg

"Brussels Capital Region [give and take 1.2 million inhabitants - MFBB] currently counts 256 independent butchers [i.e. not counted are those in super- and hypermarkets - MFBB]. Of those, more than half do not offer pork meat or derivations, but meat prepared according to islamic guidelines. 141 butchers in the capital have the halal label, that's 55 per cent, according to La Dernière Heure.

The numbers come from the Brussels regional agency Atrium. The halal butchers are situated mainly in Molenbeek, a part of Anderlecht and Schaarbeek and in Sint-Gillis."

De Standaard helpfully adds:

"The halal butchers serve non-muslims too. Meat is often cheaper than the meat from traditional butchers."

Exhibit 2.


"In the Brussels commune of Sint-Agatha-Berchem, police every Friday closes off a street so that local muslims can say their prayers. The reason: the adjacent Al Inaba mosque cannot take anymore the number of faithful. Them poor poor poor muslims must make do with the Hubert Blauwet street right around the corner. "For safety reasons", police has decided to block off the street during prayers.

And that's how it goes. Before long some local politician, presumably of the Parti Socialiste, will discover this appalling situation and come to the conclusion that there is but one solution: to build a bigger mosque with taxpayer dough. Infidel taxpayer dough, to be sure.

Exhibit 3.

In the town of Aalst, some twenty-five kloms west of Brussels, the chief of the "Groendienst", say Park Maintenance, opines that Aalst should levy a tax on lawns. Via HLN Online:

"Bart Backaert, Head of Park Maintenance in Aalst, proposes a "lawn tax". "Lawns are less good for nature than most people think" he says. "All of Flanders is built over and a large percentage of the remaining green consists of private gardens. There's a lot of nature to be saved there, but then we have to manage our gardens in a different way. Eighty to a hundred per cent of our gardens are grassfields, but these are green deserts. A honeybee, butterfly or beetle does not find food in them and starves. On top of all that, it requires work [leftists in general and ecolunatics in particular are allergic for the word "work" - MFBB]: some people mow their lawn twice a week and pour poisonous pesticides on them. That lawnmower emits CO2, not to mention the noise". Therefore Backaert says that the town should impose a tax on lawns. "Evading the tax is very easy: simply transform your lawn into an ecological paradise, a garden full of flowers or a copse of wood with fruit trees. I do not advocate a complete elimination of lawns. Children must be able to play in the garden. But we are far too much indoctrinated into thinking that a garden is only beautiful with a nicely trimmed lawn".

 photo tax_on_lawns_zpsg06pdac5.jpg

No asshole, we are not too much "indoctrinated" into thinking that a garden is only beautiful with a nicely trimmed lawn. If anything, we are (far) too much indoctrinated that human CO2 emissions actually matter, courtesy legions of green fanatics like you with dark inhuman fantasies in grisly corners of their minds. Beware of fellas who are more smitten by beetles or, for that matter, earthworms, than by humans. People like well-trimmed lawns because they are to a garden what well-groomed hair is to a head - a kindergarten lesson you obviously flunked btw. I suppose that indeed beetles, butterflies, spiders and stuff prefer hedges over lawns, but don't worry, your average garden is bordered by hedges, flower- and treelines, bushes and what not, and that's where them l'il beasties can breathe, defecate, copulate, have a BBQ, read a Rachel Carson book, whatever. I am not a Park Maintenance honcho, but there's something I know re the creepy crawlers and that's apparently terra incognita knowledge for our green lunatic Mr Backaert. Via The Globe and Mail:

"... This online resource tells us that there are an estimated 10 quintillion insects on Earth. That’s 10 followed by 18 zeros. Taking the Earth’s human population at seven billion, that means there are 1,428,571,428.57 insects for every person on the planet. Let’s round it out to say there are about 1.4 billion insects for every human. (Incidentally, this doesn’t include spiders, because they’re arachnids, not insects.)

This got us wondering about approximately how much humanity is outweighed by all those little critters. So we did the following, very rough calculation: Assuming the weight of an average insect is 3 milligrams (as is the case with ants) and the average weight of a person is 60 kilograms, then the weight of the world’s insect population is about 70 times that of its human population."

So converting our lawns into urban jungles WON'T - MAKE - ANY - SIGNIFICANT - DIFFERENCE for the planet's insect population, there are more than enough already, got that, you fool?

What will make a difference is the ump-ump-ump-umpteenth tax hike our moral betters are planning to visit on us, because make no mistake, every single foolishness concocted by our red and green ecoguerillas invariably starts with letting up little balloons, if possible by gullible minions like Bart Backaert, so as to minimize the risk of negative fallout for the next elections. I suppose that it's the same in towns and cities the world over, can't change that, but people in positions like Backaert almost invariably thank their job to some services paid to local politician so-and-so, that's how municipal elections work.

And for God's sake, I can live with that.

What annoys me is that I'm sure that there's right now some members of the Aalst City Council who harbor wet dreams of introducing yet another tax. The idea may have come from Backaert, but you know how it goes. "Jeminy Bart, what a swell idea!!! Them Formica pratensis and stag beetles definitely need more Lebensraum! You know what, float it, we'll get some friendly reporter to publish an article on it so that people get warmed up to the idea!"

Outlaw Mike loves nature. I sure do. It's not that I don't see the valuable input of your average natural conservation organization.

But the green movement as a whole has been hijacked by ecolunatics with a socialist syllabus.

Either way - that's what's happening in Belgium right now. The islamization of our country is in full swing. Meanwhile, the dwindling autochton population is fooled into believing that the real danger facing us is too many lawns.


Thursday, June 18, 2015


French Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte's ballsy (see photo) swagger and shrewd tactical insight on the battlefield was no match for the vigilant Belgian Police this 18th of June. This time, contrary to his brush with the Brits on the same field some time earlier, there was no escaping for the man from Corsica: he was taken prisoner by our brave men and women in blue (and flashy orange):

 photo nappie_zpsow25tegp.jpg

Re-enactor Frank Samson, who's been playing the role of Napoleon on this field during historical re-enactments since 2005, had the greatest difficulty to prevent Belgian police from hauling his car away, since he had parked it where it was not allowed. Only after heroic rhetorics and the promise that he would never invade Belgium again, were they persuaded to look the other way. This time. (photo by Loic Vigouroux).


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A compelling article over at American Thinker by Selwyn Duke:

"Have you heard about the millions of Chinese flooding into the Tibet? With their displacement of the native peoples and the supplanting of Tibetan with Chinese culture, anthropologists and human rights activists have labeled the colonization “cultural genocide.” (See here, here, here, here, and here, for example.) It is a cause célèbre with its own popular bumper sticker.

The situation corresponds precisely to what’s happening in most Western countries — most notably the United States — except for one minor detail:

No compassionate liberal activists call it cultural and demographic genocide.

They call it “diversity.”

Everything else reflects the West’s immigrationist malaise. This cultural sickness is not limited to America. The Swedish multiculturalist and anti-Western social engineer Mona Sahlin, commenting on the planned Islamization of her land, said in 2001, "[T]he Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back."

The old Hazleton is likely never coming back, either. There recently was a news story about how the Pennsylvania town has gone from 5 percent to 37 percent Hispanic in just a decade, between 2000 and 2010. Another news piece, one at titled “Not all in Hazleton convinced old town, new immigrants can co-exist happily” (they must be “racists”), points out that “[f]or years, the hospital ran deficits because of the number of people visiting the emergency room who could not pay” and that “[w]hen the Hispanic population started to boom in the early 2000s, Hazleton’s crime rate rose….” Of course, I’m sure this is mere correlation. Because we all know that our strength lies in our displac…er, I mean, diversity.

One thing we can say about Hazelton’s transformation, at least, is that it was driven by economic and lifestyle factors such as jobs and better neighborhoods. Not so with Obama’s amnesty plan to use illegal aliens — or, if that term is offensive, let’s say, undocumented Democrats — as “seedlings” to further effect the “fundamental transformation” of America. Oh, you haven’t heard about this? Well, it’s not the kind of scheme laid out in official policy papers or analyzed in The New York Times. But the gist of it, talk-show host Sue Payne told us while reporting on a conversation she became privy to involving federal officials, is that “new Americans” (read: “foreigners”) would “navigate, not assimilate” as they “take over the host,” create a “country within a country” and start “pushing the citizens into the shadows” (click here for more). The moral of this story? No one is talking about “assimilation” except suckers, who, it seems, are natural-born every minute.

Speaking of which, it’s certainly tempting to blame all this on Barack Obama. But note that the majority of Hazleton’s transformation occurred under George W. Bush’s watch — not that Mr. Mush deserves all the blame, either. Understand that the die for our fundamental transformation was cast long ago, in 1965, with the Immigration Reform and Nationality Act (gracias, Ted Kennedy). It radically changed our immigration model, creating a situation wherein for 50 years 85 percent of our immigrants have hailed from the Third World and Asia. And if demographics are destiny, we should ponder the almost unprecedented demographic shift the act has wrought. In 1965, whites were almost 90 percent of the population.

Now non-Hispanic whites are down to 63 percent.

Oh, did I mention race? So sorry. I guess I should be sent to that cornfield populated by the likes of Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder and James Watson. Except that to the left, this is all about race and ethnicity.

Do you think Mexican-born Univision journalist Jorge Ramos — who recently (and poorly) debated Ann Coulter — and his La Raza soulless mates would make amnesty their raison d’ être if most of our illegals were white Scandinavians? Don’t kid yourself — ethnic bias animates them.

Then there was the Huffington Compost’s cutsie piece “So You're About To Become A Minority...,” which gloatingly mentions demographic projections indicating that whites will be a minority countrywide in 30 years. It sarcastically asks, “So what's a privileged white person to do?” and then, “to ease the white transition into life as a minority,” as the Compost puts it, provides a spoof PSA video that mocks white society. Could you imagine leftists taking this approach with one of the many primitive tribes facing decimation?

 photo HuffCompost_zpss64y5zcm.jpg

Yet the Compost has nothing on our post-racial president. Obama, who perhaps takes no issue with illegal aliens because, as his Dreams book states, he finds whites “alien,” has overseen a Department of Justice that won’t pursue voting-rights cases in which the victims are white. He also has spoken positively of America’s demographic genocide, though he doesn’t put it in quite those terms. Like Britain’s Labour Party — which, admitted a former Tony Blair advisor in 2009, used massive Third World immigration to “rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date” — he uses code words. Obama says that because our country is becoming a “hodgepodge of different folks,” because of “diversity,” he’s confident conservatism will be drowned out. My, I’ve always dreamt of living in a hodgepodge. Haven’t you?

Note here that “diversity” has become a code word for, as American Thinker put it, "let's have fewer white people.” Evidence? While Hazleton’s transformation is portrayed positively as diversity, when the white population of an area increases, it may be called a “bleaching out.” Yeah, The New York Times actually used that term when referring to the white techies moving into San Francisco’s Mission District. I wonder, can we call our wider demographic upheaval “the browning of America”? Or does that make it cornfield time again?

None of this should come as any surprise because leftists are the gurus of group politics, the pashas of polarization. They’ve given us affirmative action, quotas, Ebonics, identity politics, “gender” identity, critical race theory and white-privilege conferences. Then, when someone turns around and sheds light on their race-oriented immigration policy, they try to silence him with screams of “racism!” lest anyone catch on to what they’re really up to.

Race and ethnicity matter because, as Dr. Walter Williams put it, they can serve as a “proxy” for harder-to-observe qualities. A couple of these are ideology and voting tendencies: The groups represented by 85 percent of our new immigrants vote for socialist-oriented Democrats between 70 and 90 percent of the time. Leftist immigrationists are importing their voters — and the destruction of Western civilization.

Of course, demographic and cultural genocide is not only nothing new, but the historical norm. The indigenous Ainus have largely been subsumed by the Japanese; North Africa was once Roman and Catholic, then it was a Germanic Vandal kingdom and later became Arab and Muslim; and we no longer have tribes called the Alans, Langobards, Illyrians, Harii, Thuringii or Sarmatians. Oh, their genes and perhaps even memes are extant in modern populations, but their cultures, per se, are no more.

This may be a bad thing or it may be a good thing — the vanquishing of primitive Aztec culture ended wide-scale human sacrifice — but it is a real thing. When Muammar Gaddafi mentioned in 2006 that “[w]e have 50 million Muslims in Europe,” it wasn’t followed by the lament, “And, man, they’re all gonna’ be assimilated and ‘pop!’ goes the caliphate.” Rather, he astutely noted that “without swords, without guns, without conquest, [they] will turn [Europe] into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

The people make the culture and government, not the other way around. Import enough Mexicans or Muslims into the U.S. and you no longer have Western civilization; you have Mexico Norte or Iran West. Would this be preferable? If you’ve evaluated south-of-the-border cultures or Dar al-Islam and concluded it would be, then you should accept that “Our strength lies in our diversity” really means “Our strength lies in our destruction” — and welcome it.

This certainly is the left’s perspective. Remember the old Stanford University chant, led by Jesse Jackson, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture’s got to go!”? Well, it’s going, going…and will be gone unless we make some profoundly radical changes. It’s cultural and demographic genocide, generally lamented except in the one case in which, labeled diversity, it’s trumpeted.

That would be the case of the one civilization leftists hate with every fiber of their being."

You bet.


Monday, June 15, 2015


What a difference the Obama "Administration" makes! In Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, the US Ambassador saw fit to move the July 4 celebrations one month forward lest they don't fall during ramadan.

The key points from Fox News's Todd Starnes take on the disgraceful subject:

"US Embassy in Jakarta moves Fourth of July celebration to June to accommodate Muslims

The United States Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated Independence Day a month early — to accommodate the country’s Muslim population.

It seems the Fourth of July is right smack in the middle of Ramadan this year so the embassy decided to move America’s birthday to the Fourth of June.

“We are celebrating a month early to respect the holy month of Ramadan,” Ambassador Robert Blake told a gathering at the embassy.

It sounds like every day is April Fool’s Day at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta. I wouldn’t be surprised if they observe Good Friday on a Tuesday.

The Jakarta Post reported on the holiday swap. I suppose that Muslims would be too busy with their fasting and prayers to enjoy an all-beef frank and fireworks.

And as the Obama administration constantly reminds us — we simply cannot offend Islamic sensibilities.

The State Department downplayed the change during a June 9 press briefing by pointing out that official Fourth of June celebrations are not meant for the average American living in Jakarta.

“These are not events for the American citizen population that’s resident there,” spokesman Jeff Rathke told a reporter. “It’s not like a picnic you have with your family and friends when you’re back here in the U.S. These are official events that are — the purpose of which is to represent the United States to the host nation and to the host government.”

That explanation did not set well with Jim Hanson, the executive director for the Center for Security Policy on June 10.

“I think the problem is we have become overly sensitive to Islamic sensibilities,” he told Fox & Friends. “Ramadan is a time when most Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Well, if we wanted to be courteous, we could’ve just held the celebration at night. You know what else is great after sunset, fireworks?”

Mr. Hanson has a point. Sparklers aren’t nearly as fun during daylight hours."

US Ambassador Robert O. Blake, an Obamba appointee of course, is a fucking COWARD and a dhimmi. I have never been an ambassador, nor will I ever be one, but I do know that embassies represent their sovereign states. As such, the country on whose territory an embassy finds itself, cannot have a say on what happens on the embassy's premise. I don't know if there are muslim countries of which independence day falls on Christmas and which happen to have embassies here, but of one thing you can be certain: they would NOT, repeat, NOT, move that day forward or backward out of respect for our 'sensitivities'.

Robert O. Blake, the asshole, just did such a thing. As an ambassador of the supposedly mightiest nation on the planet. Congratulations with representatives like this weasel.


Saturday, June 13, 2015


Faith No More with Evidence. From the 1995 album King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime. Yup... twenty years ago.

American rock band from San Francisco. Formed in 1981. Singer Mike Patton joined only in 1989.

Republica with Ready to Go. From their 1996 debut album.

UK alternative rockband from Windsor, no less.

Schlafen Sie gut.



Over at American Thinker, Christopher Carson has a succinct and to the point column on the failed socialist state that is Greece:

"...Greece has become an object lesson in how not to run an economy. This week, the International Monetary Fund packed up and left its negotiations with far-left Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras over his absolute intransigence on the issue of necessary fiscal reforms.

"There has been no progress in narrowing these differences," IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said Thursday. Basically, the IMF and the EU want some assurances that Greece will cut its spending from its current socialist-dream levels to a more rational basis before they grant the nation another $8.2 billion in loans.

The first Greek problem is that a huge percentage of its able-bodied population is not working and simply collecting state pensions. It goes without saying that Greece’s economy is in recession, and its official unemployment rate is 26.6%, something the U.S., for example, hasn’t seen since the Great Depression. But fully four fifths of Greece’s budget goes to pensions and state wages, and 10 percent of the nation’s entire economic output comprises pensions alone.

 photo greecelosers_zpsfaohkjfn.jpg

Perish in the gutter, Greek losers.

The second problem is that Greek taxes are sky-high, killing incentives for hard work, enterprise, and industry. It seems likely that so few people are bothering to work because so much of their income is sacrificed to other people’s pensions and government wages. The IMF’s Rice pointed out that "[t]he policy of increasing already-high rates on a low tax base again is not sustainable. It is critical to significantly broaden the tax base." Rice did not point out that the tax base is broadened only by more people working in the private sector, which itself can be accomplished only by lowering the tax rates.

In a way, Prime Minister Tsipras is a symptom and not the cause of Greece’s cultural disease of hard socialism. He was thrust into office last January specifically on an anti-austerity pledge, and the voters kicked out his predecessor government for being too willing to compromise with the eurozone creditors and, indeed, the free market.

But whatever the reason, if Greece defaults on its debt payments due by the end of the month, as it surely will do absent IMF and eurozone funding, it will take big step in the direction of Venezuela and the Third World. Cutting Greece out of the eurozone of trade and currency would make it an international lending pariah, a dead zone of credit, with only a partial ability to pay for its own government functions.

There is, alas, as yet no sign that the Greek public would have it any other way. This week, Communist trade unionists occupied the Finance Ministry and tore down the EU flag while draping a banner that read: "We have bled too much, we have paid, stop the new measures!"...."

I don't give a rat's ass for the Greeks. Fuck them socialist lazybones. No country that allows pastry chefs, radio announcers, hairdressers and masseurs in steam baths to retire at 50 because their work is considered 'arduous and perilous' deserves even a morsel of respect.


Thursday, June 11, 2015


A great video via EarthSky:

ESA astronaut and Italian Air Force Captain Samantha Cristoforetti demonstrates how she prepares one of her favorite meals in microgravity, quinoa salad with tomato, mackerel and leek cream in a warm tortilla.

Video taken inside Unity, or Node 1. It's one of three nodes ("passive connecting modules") in the US Orbital Segment of the station. Launched in December 1998 as a cargo of the Endeavour Space Shuttle, it was the ISS's first US-built component. It's cylindrical in shape, with six berthing locations facilitating connections to other modules.

 photo unitymodule_zpsqmg7pltb.jpg

Some essential info on Unity via Gunter's Space Page:

"The Unity connecting module, technically referred to as Node 1, layed a foundation for all future U.S. International Space Station modules with six berthing ports, one on each side, to which future modules will be attached. Built by The Boeing Company at a manufacturing facility at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Unity is the first of three such connecting modules that will be built for the station. Sometimes referred to as Node 1, the Unity module measures 15 feet in diameter and 18 feet long.

Carried to orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Unity was mated with the already orbiting Zarya control module, or Functional Cargo Block (Russian acronym FGB), a U.S.-funded and Russian-built component that will have been launched earlier aboard a Russian rocket from Kazakstan. In addition to connecting to the Zarya module, Unity eventually will provide attachment points for the U.S. laboratory module; Node 3; an early exterior framework, or truss for the station; an airlock; and a multi-windowed cupola.

Essential space station resources such as fluids, environmental control and life support systems, electrical and data systems are routed through Unity to supply work and living areas.

More than 50,000 mechanical items, 216 lines to carry fluids and gases, and 121 internal and external electrical cables using six miles of wire were installed in the Unity node. The detailed and complex hardware installation required more than 1,800 drawings. The node is made of aluminum.

Two conical docking adapters will be attached to each end of Unity prior to its launch aboard Endeavour. The adapters, called pressurized mating adapters (PMAs), allow the docking systems used by the Space Shuttle and by Russian modules to attach to the node's hatches and berthing mechanisms. One of the conical adapters will attach Unity to the Zarya, while the other will serve as a docking port for the Space Shuttle. The Unity node with the two mating adapters attached, the configuration it will be in for launch, is about 36 feet long and weighs about 25,600 pounds.

Attached to the exterior of one of the pressurized mating adapters are computers, or multiplexer-demultiplexers (MDMs), which will provide early command and control of the Unity node. Unity also will be outfitted with an early communications system that will allow data, voice and low data rate video with Mission Control, Houston, to supplement Russian communications systems during the early station assembly activities."


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Our brothers-in-arms at Gates of Vienna recently had a topic on Udo Ulfkotte's new book, Mecca Germany - the silent islamization.

New Ulfkotte Book: Mecca Germany

... Can we still be saved? Or have we already capitulated to Islam? And what is coming down the road at each and every one of us? Did you know, for instance, that the state’s attorney has launched an investigation because German patients’ food rations are supposed to be cut in favor of Muslims? We are now doing things we would have considered crazy ten years ago. A silent majority believes that, in premature obedience to Muslims, we have given up not just freedom of expression, but consequently the core of our democracy. Our previous freedom has been replaced by a fear of injuring the religious feelings of immigrant Muslims.

When recently some few Muslims felt their religious feelings hurt by a new, oriental cream soap because the silhouette of a mosque appeared on the package, the shelves were instantly emptied. The supermarket chain capitulated. From fear of Muslims. That has become an everyday thing in the erstwhile Land of Poets and Thinkers. The primary virtue of Islam — submission — is now the chief virtue of the Germans.

 photo islamizationgermany_zpsyotrdnnc.jpg

The bestselling author Udo Ulfkotte (Bought-And-Paid-For Journalists) describes in his new book Mecca Germany what specific consequences that will have for each of us: for students, apprentices, workers and officials, the unemployed and the retired. So, for instance, right here in Germany, food rations for the sickest patients are to be cut so that the money saved from the funds for the legitimately insured can be used for special cuisine exclusively for Muslims. And everybody looks the other way. Even as politicians and the media deny that there is any Islamization, separate sets of cutlery for meals are given out to Muslims and non-Muslims in the army. Ulfkotte illuminates the increasingly serious development of Islamization against the background of the massive waves of refugees from North Africa and the Near East. He concludes that a child born now in German-speaking territory will in all likelihood die in a substantially Islamized country.

In Mecca Germany, Ulfkotte shows us an absurd world, in which we are introducing sharia-compliant car insurance, life insurance and a sharia MasterCard, but are stubbornly denying that there is Islamization in politics and the media. In the new world of subjugation to Islam, where we transform churches into mosques and call for action against “infidels” to the applause of our media, there will be sharia vacations and sharia tours. And in the Federal Ministry of Justice, there is already a budget allowance for sharia law. We are training Afghans, Syrians, Chechens and Turks as hiking guides for the Alps, so that they can bring tourists closer to the beauties of Islam. Politicians and the media are lying to the public, saying that all this has nothing to do with Islamization — it’s just a natural part of our “welcoming culture.”...

Click on the picture below to buy Ulfkotte's book:

 photo meccagermany_zpsimdequqc.jpg

Es ist ein Albtraum.